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Much love from Montreal.

While I fully understand the pertinence and the importance of the feminist movement, I am always shocked to see that we need to remind and even prove to the world that women are actual human beings and that the fact that they deserve as much respect and consideration then any other beings is not the obvious.

I am particularly awaiting the recorded versions of Evergreen and All is now harmed on Ben Howard’s new album.

He was winter to her. Whenever she thought of their relationship everything was framed in winter— hot drinks, heavy sweaters, their breaths white together on the frigid air when they took their walks. They had been together in the summer too, but he wasn’t summer to her. He was always winter. It made her think we assign people— lovers especially— seasons in our minds. — Jonathan Carroll (via browndresswithwhitedots)

If you’ve ever loved a book and then you reread it a few years later and it doesn’t mean anything to you—or vice versa, you didn’t like a book and for some reason you open it again and you find it fascinating—it’s just proof that literature is a breathing creature and so are you. — Lemony Snicket (Daniel Handler) (x)

(Source : rippergiles)

Rue Prince-Arthur, Montréal